Emsisoft Internet Security

Emsisoft Internet Security
Antivirus & Anti-Malware & Firewall, all-in-one. For some time now, our clients have been expressing the desire to have Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Online Armor combined into one single interface. Emsisoft Internet Security combines the best of both worlds and completes Emsisoft Anti-Malware with a new efficient firewall core that is as powerful as the one found in Emsisoft Online Armor's but doesn't cut back on usability.

Κυριακή, 16 Απριλίου 2006

Firewall - Τείχος προστασίας

Χωρίς τείχος προστασίας ( firewall ) δεν κάνουμε βήμα στο Ιnternet.
  • Firewalls? Who needs them / Understanding and Using Firewalls
  • Μερικά δωρεάν και καλά προγράμματα είναι τα παρακάτω:
  • Comodo Internet Security Firewall: Slam the door shut on hackers and identity thieves.
    Antivirus: Track down and destroy any existing malware hiding in a PC.
    Defense+: Protects critical system files and blocks malware before it installs.
    Memory Firewall: Cutting-edge protection against sophisticated buffer overflow attacks.
    Anti-Malware Kills malicious processes before they can do harm.

  • Kerio 2.1.5

  • A firewall will prevent unauthorized contact between your computer and the Internet.If there is no firewall installed on your computer, you can download and install one of the above free firewalls.

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